Human Papillom Viruses are a small group of DNA viruses of extremely numerous types. Albeit the structural compliance, the different types show very big differences in respect of its issue specifity and its transformed qualities.
At this time approx. more than 100 types of human Papillom viruses are known. Some of them produce only benign growth (low risk types). Others, so called High Risk types, are decisive for the formation of a cervical carcinoma. Contrary, to not infected women, it consists a 100 % higher risk of grave dysplasia or a cervical carcinoma in female patients with an infection of the cervical mucosa.

Cancer cervical is still the second weighted cancer disease of women. Only in Germany aprox. 6500 cases of cancer cervical were diagnosed every year. Cancer cervical is the third weighted cause of death of women with cancer in Germany.
A simple and safe diagnosis of HPV induced cellular alteration is of main significance for the gynecological cancer prevention.