Before the introduction of VIRO-safe®, a safe morphological or molecular biological criterion for the prognosis of the remission or progression of a light to moderatedysplasia (Pap III d) did not exist.

With a possibility of more than 80% by light or moderate dysplasia it is possible to anticipate in case of a VIRO-safe® positive result a remission , and in case of a VIRO-safe® negative result a progression of the morphological cellular modification.

VIRO-safe® is directed against the HPV Capsidantigens L 1 by means of monoclonal antibodies and is accomplished as an immunhistochemical or immuncytochemical method.

The remission observed during a test , can be explained with a stimulation of the immune system of the Capsidantigen L 1 of the human Papillom viruses detecred in VIRO-safe®The capsid protein stulates the immune system very high and is applied by diverse producers of serum also for the development of the HPV Serum.

The diagnostic findings progress when the immune system cannot be stimulated with the antigen and the dysplasia growths without obstructions.

DThis procedure has special advantages, because the correlated cytomorphilogical and immunochemical analysis is combined the same product. The technical procedure is very simple, instruments are not necessary. There is no necessity of inversions in apparatus.It is possible to integrate VIRO-safe® in the activities of every cythologic and pathologic laboratory. It is an advancement, make sense and is recommandable fpr the early prognosis of the cervical carcinoma.