The routinely cytologic analysis for the cancer prevention usinf coloration ( PAP-Test ), conducted to a reduction of the cervical carcinoma. Only with a PAP-test it is not possible to prove neither the existence of a HPV-infection to differnce between a latent and productive, clinic relevant HPV-infection.

VIROSCREEN diagnostics developed with this new HPV L1 test a simple and safe test process to diagnose productive HPV-infections in histological and cytological products.

The VIRO-safe®-HPV L 1 test with prognostic marker for cervicals is a high sensitive screening method for all active HPV-infections, further it is possible to difference with this test between high risk and low risk types of Papillom viruses. Types of high risk can release malign changes on the epithel cells of the cerevix. Especially the HPV types 16 and 18 can be proved in most of the female patients with cervical carcinoma. Our test permits to identifytheses types of virus individually.

Advantages of the VIRO-safe® diagnostics
  • Sensitive screening of all high risk types after HPV screening
  • Simple, fast and safe results in few hours with your microwave
  • Accomplishment in every common laboratory is possible
  • Automatablr coloration and evaluation